JCMG Speakers Bureau

Are you looking for good speakers?

JCMG Speakers Bureau offers a wide selection of topics provided at NO FEE to your business, club, or organization. JCMG's team of medical providers is eager to address community groups on a variety of medically-related topics. If your group or organization has need for a speaker on one of these medical topics, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


To schedule a speaker for your club or organization, please contact JCMG Community Relations at 635-0234 ext. 5210 or by email at slehmen@jcmg.org. Please provide at least 4-6 weeks notice with your request to accommodate the speaker's' schedule. 



Jodi Berendzen M.D., FACOGAdolescent Sex Education; Contraceptive Options; Urinary Incontinence & Pelvic Organ Prolapse; Breastfeeding; Prepregnancy Counseling; Pregnancy; Menopause; and Treatment for Heavy Periods
Sara Bohn D.O.Memory Loss & Alzheimer’s
David Burns M.D.Lung Cancer Screenings
William Duke D.P.M.Diabetes & Your Feet; Common Foot & Ankle Problems; Foot & Ankle Injuries
Sara Echelmeyer M.D.GERD/Barrett's Esophagus, Dyspepsia
Lisa Finley R.D., L.D.Nutrition topics; Health & Wellness
Sharlene Galbraith RN, MSN, AGNP-CCongestive Heart Failure; Preventive Medicine in Geriatric Population
Sarah Gordon M.D.Childhood Obesity; We Can Coalition (Ways to Enhance Children's Activity & Nutrition)
Steven Harper M.D.Lung Cancer Screenings; Breast Cancer Screenings (mammography, ultrasound & MRI)
W. Hadley Hoyt D.O.Otalgia; Vertigo; Neck Swelling; Hoarsness
Alfred D. Johnson M.D.Diabetes Care
Brian Johnson M.D.Infectious Diseases; MRSA; C Difficile; Polio; Histoplasmosis (Fungus Among Us)
William Klutho M.D.Common Newborn Conditions; Pediatric Concussion Management; Pediatric Heart Conditions
J.P. Mcaleer D.P.M.Musculoskeletal Injuries of the Foot & Ankle
Brandi Nichols M.D., FACOGManagement of Menorrhagia; Options for Permanent Sterilization; Birth Control Options
Afsheen Patel M.D.Women's Health; Sports Medicine
Jeffrey Patrick M.D.Breast Cancer Screenings (mammography, ultrasound & MRI)
Chandra N. Prasad M.D. FACSVaricose Vein Disease; Laser Medicine; BOTOX; Laser Hair Removal; Medical Grade Skin Care, Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Tattoo Removal, Cosmetic Fillers and Lasers for Cosmetic Purposes
Prityi Rani M.D.Headaches; Stroke
Alan T. Rauba M.D.Diabetes Care; Cardiac Health; Cardiovascular Disease Prevention; Heart Health; Nutrition
Jonathan M. Roberts M.D. FACSBreast Care; Hernia; Gallstone Disease
Amanda Rodemann D.O., FACOGMinimally Invasive GYN Surgery; Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Endometriosis; Menopause; Contraception & Permanent Sterilization; any obstetrical issue
Charity Slayton NP-CSkin cancer treatment and prevention, diagnosis and management of common acute and chronic skin conditions.
Terri Stone DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, AOCNPBreast Cancer; Tobacco Cessation; Lymphoma/Leukemia
Andrew Weiss M.D.Cataracts; Diabetic Retinopathy
Bridgett Wekenborg RN CPNPFirst 48 Hours After Hospital Discharge
Joyce Wilson M.D.Osteoarthritis of the Hand/Wrist; Oversue Injuries of the Hand/Wrist