Mission, Vision and Values


Jefferson City Medical Group (JCMG) is an independent multi-specialty group that is committed to providing the very best in compassionate, comprehensive health care for our patients. To this end, we hold the following values. 

  1. Do what is best for our patients.
  2. Comply with all laws and regulations.
  3. Honor each person’s rights and responsibilities with a vision toward the betterment of the Group.
  4. Operate efficiently, openly and in an accountable way.
  5. Provide an environment for employee growth and satisfaction.
  6. Emphasize the value of real dollars for real work for physician compensation.
  7. Physicians will not take advantage of another physician.
  8. Make decisions by facts.


  • Jefferson City Medical Group will be the region’s premier independent multi-specialty clinic that is led by physicians who work closely together with staff and patients to make the best medical decisions for each person.
  • JCMG physicians and staff will be recognized regionally as leaders in clinical innovation and providing quality health care.
  • As a central referral center for patients throughout central Missouri, our highly personal team of professionals will provide friendly, convenient access to patients at satellite clinics in strategic locations.
  • JCMG is committed to continuous quality improvement, values ethical treatment of all persons, provides the highest technology, and is dedicated to the interests of our patients.

Mission Statement

To advance the health of the patients and communities we serve through a culture of compassionate care, cost-effective health care management, and comprehensive community health care services, which are easily accessible, and of the highest quality.