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International Magazine Spotlights JCMG's Addition

News Tribune - Saturday, January 15, 2011
By Angie Hutschreider

Last summer, when JCMG was the seventh medical practice in the country and 12th in the world to purchase and install an Optima MR450s 1.5 T MRI machine, they knew they were purchasing another piece of the latest and greatest technology.

But, they didn't expect to become a show site for other health care facilities or to be featured in a magazine that would be seen around the world.

JCMG Imaging was profiled in Signa PULSE, General Electric’s magazine seen by health care professionals around the world - to discuss their experience with the machine.

The magazine also featured Creil Hospital in Creil, France and Methodist Medical Center of Illinois, Peoria, Ill., in reference to the machine. All three facilities spoke on the ability of the machine to garner high quality images, high levels of patient comfort and patient throughput.

Dr. Jeffrey Patrick, medical director of imaging and a radiologist, said the machine, which cost JCMG well over $1 million, was added to the department to enhance the ability to diagnose, and see patients of larger size patients while still providing them with quality images.

“We are committed to providing world class care, and part of that is having the cutting-edge technology as it becomes available to us,” he said. “We could have kept using our previous generation open MRI, but we wanted to move to the new state of the art technology.”

The technology allows for detection of subtle lesions and cancer as well as pathology. The open bore allows for easier, more comfortable access to the MRI for larger patients and those with claustrophobia.

After installing the machine and having several onsite visits from GE officials, JCMG was also named a radiology show site for the company, which is the largest manufacturer of medical equipment. As a show site, professionals from other organizations visit the department to look at the machine and talk to the physicians and technologists about their experience with the MRI image quality.

"Being featured in the magazine and as a show site demonstrates that GE is impressed with the facility and the people at JCMG," said Janet Wear-Enloe, JCMG's chief marketing officer.